Holistic Life Habits 

Hi There, WELCOME to our life habits journey! I'm Liz King and I'm Fred Moura. We're a NYC based Couple's Nutrition Team. Together, we discovered simple ways to make life healthier and happier! Here we'll share with you how to invest in yourself and how to maintain a life that drives wellness and longevity. Learn how to improve your family's nutritional habits and quality of life, using your partner in crime as your support system!

liz king

I'm a Nutrition Coach and Home Chef, from Titusville, New Jersey. 


I'm a Nutrition Coach and a Movement Practioner from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

IF you DESIRE...

  • to be ready for one of the biggest days of your life;

  • to be ready for a lasting healthy long life together;

  • to look good and feel great;

  • to gain dietary freedom; 

  • to reset your own palate with nutritious food;

  • to shape your environment and build a pantry that helps your family thrive;

  • to have accountability;

  • sustainable life skills even when life gets busy;  

  • habits that suit your goals in LIFE!


If life is a journey,



  • you make "random" food choices everyday;

  • your loved ones make "random" food choices for you;

  • you feel stuck in a dietary rut, always attempting the latest fad diet;

  • you find it super confusing to figure out what to eat and how much;

  • you are always eating on the go;

  • you have no idea that your biggest support system lives with you.